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"Change happens through movement, and movement heals."

Joseph Pilates

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Meet Luciana

Pilates Instructor

The Pilates method changed the understanding I had regarding movement and posture and it allowed me to work with a different approach towards exercise.

My purpose is to help people through their journey to a more efficient and, consequently, less painful way of moving.

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What people say

Pilates has made such a difference to me in many ways: flexibility, suppleness and strength.

Luciana explains the techniques required for the various moves, she then assesses where I need to make small adjustments to improve my technique and she is also really encouraging.

By the end of each session, I have a great sense of achievement and feel inspired and motivated to practice at home until my next visit.

I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone wishing to do Pilates.

- Mariana C.

Luciana is an excellent Pilates teacher, she is inspiring and fun. Her Pilates knowledge is second to none, she always pushes me with different exercises to keep me motivated. I do not have any problems with a bad back since I started Pilates.

- Alison D.

Luciana progressively challenged me with exercises focused on my wish to be more flexible and more stable. She got me freeing up parts of my back, hips and shoulders I’d written off as inevitably stiff through old age. She's shown me the benefits of stretching and lengthening and backed all this up with solid science-based logic, so important for me as a long-time rider and amateur dressage competitor. Both my trainer and my saddler independently and without prompting have commented on how much more supple I have become when riding.

- John C.

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